New Header Image ~ New Art!

Hello art friends and art appreciators. I’ve been busy, but not busy enough keeping my website and blog up to date. Well, unfortunately I ran into a bout with some bad health issues. Back about a week before last Christmas I thought I might have bought the farm. But, I didn’t, obviously. yay!

It was a definite wake up call, which I didn’t really think I needed. I’m 65 and isn’t that kind of a wake up call in itself? Every day I wake up is a wake up call. haha Enough about that!!

You can see some of my new paintings, well, three, in the new header. I’m working on a series I’ve titled “Around the Circle.” But that title is still a soft title. I’m still thinking of using the title “Circle Cycle” also. There are a couple of other titles floating around in my mind, still. Perhaps it would have been better to wait and keep my yammer quiet until I had a firm title, but it helps me to journal about it, and this blog is my sometimes journal. Only sometimes, apparently… haha

I have definitely made up my mind that this series is about the circle, and what it implies. And definitely there will be more paintings in the series. Three so far – these three large ones displayed in the header. I think a diptych, and one more will complete it. Both will be the same size but of course the diptych will be two 48″x72″ together.

That’s enough for now. I’ll hopefully post more relatively soon.

Rterrell aka Robert Terrell (I’ve been thinking of using my not too beloved elementary school nickname, Gomer. (Oh gotta love those kids in Austin) But it’s a much less common name & doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. Time heals all wounds, and 50+ years can make a difference!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You already have it remembered, don’t you?

New Paintings

I haven’t posted for a long time. I’ve been working on my art fairly steadily though. I made several paintings, acrylic paintings, on wood. Black and white they are & I really enjoyed the “process” as artists say, a lot!!

I’m going to keep this post rather short. My recent work of the last year and a half or so has been acrylic paintings on canvas. A couple of them were black and white and still very fulfilling as an artist.

But now I’m committed (for the time being anyway) to making large-ish acrylic paintings on canvas – almost all 4 by 5 feet in size.

So they’re not New York huge but they’re big enough to be able to stretch out and let the paint do fab things on its own and let me do fab things on my own. I don’t have any good photos at this point but I’ll get that done soon.

And I promise not to use the word Fab no mo. I suspect it fell into the slang junk heap many years ago. And I may be an age now where very few slang words stick to me properly. Yeah… I could be in the Teflon years linguistically. Oh Foo! ๐Ÿ˜†


Candle-lit (happy little shadow)

Candle-lit (happy little shadow)
digital image

This image was created on Photoshop in 1996. Actually it was probably 1995. Ok, let’s move on before the mouse clicking gets so loud!

It’s never been turned into a brix’n mortar artwork, except that the candle and rainbow flame culminating in the ha;;y li’l fire-head elf structure was used in my huge Heliodor wall sculpture. So that’s certainly like Pinocchio becoming a real boy of some sort.

For some reason I painted the fire-bridge in Heliodor purple. Not sure why. I did paint Heliodor THREE TIMES. That zig-zaggy fire-bridge was yellow the second time, for sure. I’ve forgotten what color I painted it the first.

And why three times? Oh, I’m just restless that way sometimes. It looked very good the first time. I invited an art school painting grad over to see it. He said it was a “handsome painting.” I think that made me want to repaint it. Can’t even deal with compliments!! Ha! Handsome sounded like pretty, to me. And I don’t like that word too much.

Little did I know that my little digital artwork, which I also worked for for quite a while, would work my a** off so much!! Heliodor is so big!! And heavy. It got transported to Houston for a show, and now moved about 4 times in my house. But no more. It’s a beautiful monster… that one is ๐Ÿ™‚


Heliodor (gift of the sun) – 1996

Robert L Terrell Art Gallery

Here’s a favorite corner of my art gallery. It used to be my living room. But I’ve always been an artist, and why do I need a living room? I really answered this question for my own overly busy brain some art eons ago.

Per living arrangements, I need a certain level of of comfort and convenience. It’s a soft-target level low-ending at pup tent in the backyard (after my art has completely filled every home nook and all house crannies). The upper end of the target, scale (what have you) is, of course) would be to evict Generalissimo D from Mar-a-Lago.

But no eviction will be necessary … He’ll soon enough be on the big Vulcan Arc to Mars, with all the Red Staters! Y’all didn’t think I posted that photo of the biggie Haboob just for fun-sies did ya? I’m just getting people used to what their life will be like on MARS-a lago.

Ya see… I don’t want politics to interfere with my truly true love of making my art and website fun postings. And I think the big political tensions in the USA now seem to be possibly escalating into oppositional war. More and more, some folks seem to be turningย  their politics into complete views of reality, philosophy, religion, etc.

I think the best solution to these building political and philosophical tensions may be to begin now to divide up by planetary political color!! The blue voters get Earth – the blue planet and the red voters get Mars – the red planet. I’m not sure who the independents and non-voters will get. They may finally HAVE to make a choice. It’s sort of a Sophie’s choice for some of them. But if I can make a suggestion, I believe that going with the blue voters and continuing to live on Earth (which has an atmosphere & water & food) might be something for the independents to consider ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Hey, I’m an artist, right? I think in color a lot, and it really only seems fair. If we separate the two opposing viewpoints by millions of miles, it’s sure to bring an era of Blue and Red Edens once again. Or, once…

What could be more fair than that??

And for now, please keep coming back to my blog! This is definitely not a political blog. I might go off on a political tear once in a blue moon is all. And by the way, the blue moons stay with the blue planet. Again, it’s my color thing. Don’t blame me for that! Yeah, also, we get Elvis’s version of Blue Moon of Kentucky (all versions of it by everybody). Singing Blue Moon of Kentucky will be absolutely FORBIDDEN on the Red Planet!!

But I didn’t answer the question really, did I? I mean about my soft-target art studio / living arrangement. That’s quite easy since I’ve been dreaming about it a day longer than forev-er ๐Ÿ™‚

My Santa Fe Dream Studio & Artist’s Life

A wood floored studio in Santa Fe, with skylights, and all the classic architecture. About 30′ x 30′ should take care of my needs. Plus a woodshop out back. With heating in winter! Important – I want heating for Santa Fe winters. And an adjacent studio apartment. Of course I must have a gallery connection in Santa Fe, too. That’s an essential part of the Santa Fe package deal!

The Four Seasons As Seen Through the Eyes of Jessica’s Sock Monkey

The Four Seasons As Seen Through the Eyes of Jessica’s Sock Monkey
50 ร— 72 in – 127 ร— 182.9 cm

No I certainly didn’t paint this fantastic painting. It’s a Robert Williams. I’ve been admiring it for years ย ๐Ÿ™‚ Since it doesn’t belong to me, I could run afoul of copyright issues and be forced to remove it from my blog. I hope I won’t have to because my only intention is to get more people interested in Robert William’s paintings, show one of my art influences, and get to enjoy viewing this wonderful sock monkey painting (of course).

Yes he’s an infuence of mine, but a later career influence. I really began to study the lowbrow artists about 10 years after I graduated from art school, so that would be 1987. he painted this in 1997. So, that’s enough math. We’re not in high school here on my blog, so take a deep cleansing breath and… you know the routine. This is supposed to be a happy & fun blog. No pop quizzes. No punchin’ time clox.

No bosses ragin’ ‘n raggin’ on ya ๐Ÿ™‚

Robert Williams began his career in Southern California – a Hot Rod artist, and enthusiast. His art definitely still reflects that interest. It’s still Hot Rod with an emphasis on HOT but not so much in this wonderful painting. He does intellectual, or pseudo-intellectual, depending upon your take. I’ll take it as it comes, myself.

And often his art comes a WHOLE lot edgier, weirder and more confrontational than this piece. Here’s another interesting Robert Williams painting to peruse and ponder:

hand-pulled serigraph - image

The Waterhead that was Raised in a Box
144 Color Hand-pulled serigraph
26 x 30 in ~ 66 ร— 76.2 cm


(the) Cave of Forgotten Snowmen

Charcoal & pastel painting on wood
2015 – 24″x60″

This is the Snowman charcoal drawing one. Yes, I blog-bloviated about it in my “Panoply” post. It’s my ode to the demise of snowmen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Will they disappear forever? I’m not sure, but I hope not. Of course I don’t have to live way.. way up above the Arctic Circle. After I move there for a few decades I’ll repost. THEN we can see how nostalgic I remain about the Great White North with its ten feet of snow for months at a time. Or its soggy tundra and southern invaders fleeing fires, drought, floods, heat . . .

Maybe it’ll be a gentle warming, like chestnuts roasting on a open fire. This is Christmas Day <:>}

But I have a feeling I’d still feel the same, even if I didn’t, somehow. The earth’s climate seems to be a very flexible entity. It is wind after all. Wind and the windy people who get windy about it. Like I’m doing right now!! HA!

Oh, I make light of something that’s important to me. And worse, it’s important to my inner self, that eternally youthful self in me. Now that’s a sad thing to be doing. But it’s a protection from the coming waves of warm and warmer that I fear. More than cold.

More than cold.

I console myself by remembering one important fact about this charcoal-pastel drawing:

(the) Cave of Forgotten Snowmen is a visual experience

It’s reason #1 when I’m asked why I create them. I never set out to try to change, or save the world with my artwork,



Ex Nihilo et al

Bas-relief painting – synthetic polymer paint on wood – 1996 – 48″x98″

Ex Nihilo et al aka Creation Once Removed was shipped down to Houston for my show at Goldesberry Gallery in 1996. The shipper was me in my artmobile – Moby Dick! Moby, my trusty old 1976 Chevy pickup with a big shell (RIP l’il Moby). All white like the mythic whale – Moby hauled my entire one man show to Houston, at 9 point something mpg ๐Ÿ˜ฆ yikes…

Are we still on the glamorous art career topic? The show was in July and a very hot one. I was feeling the effects of heat exhaustion by the time I got all the art loaded. And as I passed through Cameron, TX, hours later, a bank sign read 110 degrees. Oh! The glamour! haha

Still the show was hung successfully the next day and many, many people saw my artwork. Reconnecting, (I’d been active in Kauffman Gallery 10 years earlier) looked like it was a happening show indeed!!ย  Though I didn’t sell too many pieces at the show, I did get a nice commission from Compaq Computers. Good job Bob!

And there you have it – a pedestrian nuts & bolts account of this Ex Nihilo artwork and its entry into a Houston art show. Perhaps you fell asleep two paragraphs ago (Hey, I tried to spiff ‘n spice it up a bit, there, dude!! ) If so, enjoy the nap ๐Ÿ™‚ But what about this art piece, really? The title is weird, right? Not many people seem to like the title very much.

Ex Nihilo –ย is a Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing.” It often appears in conjunction with the concept of creation, as in creatioย ex nihilo, meaning “creation out of nothing. (fr. Wiki)

Did this bas-relief painting come out of nothing? I’ve created many abstract paintings before it. Did creation come out of nothing? Perhaps God created many universes before this one. Or if there is no God (gotta keep the modern thinkers happy) then perhaps creation came out of ummm ohhhh wellll nothing. And I’ve some full circle in this circular “logic-illogical” wheel. Clear as mud to me.Perhaps I can say with semi-thority …

Random is a thing after allย 

I kind of knew that already ๐Ÿ™‚ I still leap out on faith, though. I took a big leap of faith and a big (several) leap(s) into random (probably more intuitive painting, color picking, etc. to make Ex Nihilo happen ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t tell you what my art process is exactly. It’s creative art intuitional stew. Some of us art peoples like that word intuition. It sounds so much more “informed” than random. And this batch of intuition cookies turned out to my liking. And some other people’s, too!