New Header Image ~ New Art!

Hello art friends and art appreciators. I’ve been busy, but not busy enough keeping my website and blog up to date. Well, unfortunately I ran into a bout with some bad health issues. Back about a week before last Christmas I thought I might have bought the farm. But, I didn’t, obviously. yay!

It was a definite wake up call, which I didn’t really think I needed. I’m 65 and isn’t that kind of a wake up call in itself? Every day I wake up is a wake up call. haha Enough about that!!

You can see some of my new paintings, well, three, in the new header. I’m working on a series I’ve titled “Around the Circle.” But that title is still a soft title. I’m still thinking of using the title “Circle Cycle” also. There are a couple of other titles floating around in my mind, still. Perhaps it would have been better to wait and keep my yammer quiet until I had a firm title, but it helps me to journal about it, and this blog is my sometimes journal. Only sometimes, apparently… haha

I have definitely made up my mind that this series is about the circle, and what it implies. And definitely there will be more paintings in the series. Three so far – these three large ones displayed in the header. I think a diptych, and one more will complete it. Both will be the same size but of course the diptych will be two 48″x72″ together.

That’s enough for now. I’ll hopefully post more relatively soon.

Rterrell aka Robert Terrell (I’ve been thinking of using my not too beloved elementary school nickname, Gomer. (Oh gotta love those kids in Austin) But it’s a much less common name & doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. Time heals all wounds, and 50+ years can make a difference!! 🙂 You already have it remembered, don’t you?

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